Friday, August 27, 2010


I wanted to write a post about my yoga practice while here in France. I felt that I needed to have a photo to accompany the post, but was not sure what sort. Ideally I wanted one perfect photograph of one perfectly executed pose. How to achieve this? I was certainly too shy to ask someone to take the pictures, so I decided to try ( for the first time ), the self timer on my camera.

The results were anything, but what I had hoped for. The flash most often caught me in some state of movement.

There was the blur of action as I moved into a posture, but often I would manage the pose in the 10 seconds only to find that the angle of the camera cut off my head or caused a distorted view, as in the photo below.

Many poses just do not work as photographic subjects. If you do not practice yoga, you will most probably not be able to make heads or tails of the photo below.

The next one is steady, not really bad, but still not the perfect posture or the perfect photograph I was looking for. It certainly lacks drama.

I became a bit obsessed. I guess I wanted to look like someone in Yoga Journal. The pose below was the one I most wished to achieve on camera, but after numerous attempts, always with the feet in varying stages of movement, I gave up.

The photos, like yoga itself, are not about perfection but a learning process.
I am thankful for my yoga practice & what it brings to my life.


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  1. Nice to see some photos of you. And yoga journal poses are too perfect to be really true in my opinion.

    I have the same thoughts though, would like to have some photos from yoga practice of myself. But like you I am a bit shy to ask for it.