Friday, August 27, 2010


Gates, like doors, are entryways into other worlds & with gates sometimes secret gardens.

What you can not really tell from the above photo, is that the sweet little gate pictured, is tiny, less than 2 feet high, bringing to mind a children's fairytale.

This has to be my favorite. Although the gate is no more than an old piece of board, it guards an enchanting garden planted within the walls of an old ruin.

Above is a typical French garden gate. The sun ray pattern is one that you will see repeated through out French design.

What you can't see in this photo, is that behind this weathered & lopsided gate is the most beautiful & immaculate vegetable garden.

New, beautifully crafted gates, open into a lovely courtyard, with flowers planted against an old stone wall.

Some gates are not so inviting. However, the mystery surrounding these entries, makes them all the more alluring.

Other gates are begging for you to enter, while still others make it most clear that what lies behind is strictly private.

No matter what type of gate one encounters, there is always the feeling that there is a story to be told.



  1. These photoos are so wonderful,they bring back memories of many trips and holidays I spent in that lovely,lovely country.

  2. Yes, I always wonder about the history of gates, doors, windows ... and also love the hardware: knockers, knobs, hinges, hooks... Thanks for your great photos.