Friday, August 20, 2010

Can There Really Be More Doors?

This is my last post on doors, I promise. In fact in this group I have focused on the door surround rather than the door it's self. In this photo you can see that the elaborate medieval surround is in danger of collapse.

The 1/2 column surround, below, could date as far back as the Romans.

This sweet little door is only about 4-5 feet high. It has a hodge-podge of brick & stone as a surround, which creates an interesting pattern. The bright color of the door & it's flowers completes this picturesque portal.

It is not uncommon to find very low doorways. Medieval entries were often not very high, even though elaborate in design.

While some doorways are low, there are certainly others that are quite high. I would guess this grand example to be about 9 feet in hight with a simple yet elegant surround.

Another rather tall door has a very elaborate surround. Note the sculptural relief of the crossed olive branches above the door.

Below is a good example of a very low doorway datong to the middle ages. The average person of today would have to stoup to enter this ancient abode.

Lastly, here is as simple a surround as could be found, enclosing a lovely old Victorian door.



  1. Hello Sally, I enjoy your door photoos,they are really beautiful and each door is a story on its own. So I'm ok if you post some more,I love them,Renilde

  2. nice. entrances. change.