Friday, August 27, 2010

Quiet Places to Sit

Just a few photos, glimpses into gardens or patios, where one can imagine sitting & wiling away a dreamy afternoon.

The bright orange of these typical French table & chairs gives a punch of color to this shady spot.

In this tiny terrace, a profusion of potted plants creates an enchanting place to repose & reflect.

Old stone benches, like this one, can be found through out medieval towns. They offer, today, just as they did in the middle ages, a place to sit & watch the world go by.

And last but not least, my favorite place to sit, my table & chairs in front of my house. The photo was taken after coming back from the market with geraniums to plant.



  1. Great pictures!Love your fav. place to sit..just wonderful!

  2. We are watching the movie "Charlotte Gray" tonight and tomorrow night. Filmed in your pretty town, right?

  3. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Yes, I had forgotten to say that
    " Charlotte Grey" was filmed here. Many of the local people are in the film. There is no longer a train here but they did a good job making it seem as if it was still here.

  4. I wrote down the name of the movie so to get my son to download it for me, thanks for the info pie lady pat.