Friday, May 20, 2011

Window With a View

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an exhibition entitled Rooms with a View: The Open Window in the 19th CenturyThis exhibit focuses on the Romantic motif of  open windows & the view seen from within. The idea of this show appeals to me, as does the idea of painting a scene as viewed through a window. Below is an attempt, I made quite some time ago, of painting the view from my studio window in France.

The exhibition at the Met focuses on the early artists that originated the popularity of this motif. It features some thirty oils and thirty works on paper by German, Danish, French, and Russian artists from around 1810–20. I would have to say that my favorite artist to glorify this genre, would have to be Pierre Bonnard. I love Bonnard as an artist & especially love his window scenes of which he has many.

How can one not love his colors! Bonnard's paintings make me wish I were there, in these rooms, looking out of these windows. 

It will not be long now, until I will again be looking out of my studio window. Perhaps this will be an inspiration for me to attempt another painting of my most treasured view.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art In the Strangest Places

Although I am about to trade city life for the tranquility of the country side, it dose not mean that I do not find inspiration in both places. On my brief trip to NYC earlier this spring, I was struck by all the geometric shapes & patterns to be seen there.

Whether by design or simply as part of the industrial wasteland, city streets offer much to regard & to inspire. Of course there is the street artist, who uses the city as his canvas, like the one below, who actually got a writeup in the New York Times for this piece.

 I just could not resist these colorfully dotted cement mixers under the grid of the elevated train tracks. Not meant to be art, of course, but visually exciting, none the less. 

 I was also intrigued that the NYC Transit Authority has placed art work on the subways. Now, besides sleeping & reading you can view works of art while riding the train. 

This intricate black & white drawing is difficult to discern in these photos, but it was certainly lovely to look at. I think, I may have been the only one riding, who was actually looking at it.

 My search to find out about the artist & these pieces was unsuccessful. Sadly, I was not able to get a good photo of the art work either, but I was fascinate by it & would love to learn more.

 The subway system certainly deserves praise for this practice of sharing art with the masses, but does not fair so well, when dealing with artist 

Victoria Hunter McKenzie.

 Check out  the story of her tiny works of art on discarded metro tickets below & her Etsy Shop here.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

National Doodle Day

I just learned from Lina over at  Art Ravels, that today is National Doodle Day. So what better excuse, than to post a few doodles of my own.

To learn more about doodling &  National Doodle Day  go here  or check out the celebrity doodles which are for sale on eBay to benefit Neurofibromatosis research.

Apparently according to a study, doodling can actually help you to pay attention. So get doodling!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Post Card in Film

I am  running around now trying to get ready for my trip. Lists, last minuet errands, lines, traffic.... need I say busy.
  Right now, my life here in Boston is hectic.

In France, my next door neighbors, 
are documentary film makers.

They have made a tiny little post card of a film that shows the change of pace I am headed for.
I hope you enjoy this tiny bit of peace & tranquility.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

For all moms out there, a very happy Mother's Day! I wish  for you lots of happiness, hugs & homemade cards !

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Ceramics Sale

Today I took the T into Cambridge to see Harvard's Ceramics Program Spring Show & Sale .

Presented at the Office for the Arts at Harvard this sale & exhibition includes more than sixty potters & an extraordinary selection of handmade work.

From the sculptural ...

to the utilitarian ....

the decorative...

to the abstract...

& from the colorful...

to the elegantly simple, this show has it all.

It is beautifully displayed, & offers something for everyone.

So if you happen to be in the Boston area & are looking for something to do.

Or you need an original last minute Mother's Day gift this is the place for you.

The show will be open Friday-Sunday from 10am-7pm.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Springtime Fun

A yoga friend has just had a baby girl & this is what I made for her.

Inspired by springtime & fun to make!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


It is sunny but breezy in Boston today, just the kind of day to hang wash out on the line.

Of course, almost no one still does that here anymore. They do in France though, just one more thing I love about the country life there.

Ren- Lady of the Arts, who happens to be in Prague at the moment, recently left me a comment about how much she liked to see the lines of laundry put out to dry.

I too, love this. What could be sweeter than the fresh air smell of clean sheets & clean cloths ....

....or what could be more green!

In my little house in France, I do not have a garden to put up a clothesline. I use this drying contraption to put my wash out in the sun.

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments regarding my up coming trip. I am really looking forward to it & will happily share my adventures with you!