Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art In the Strangest Places

Although I am about to trade city life for the tranquility of the country side, it dose not mean that I do not find inspiration in both places. On my brief trip to NYC earlier this spring, I was struck by all the geometric shapes & patterns to be seen there.

Whether by design or simply as part of the industrial wasteland, city streets offer much to regard & to inspire. Of course there is the street artist, who uses the city as his canvas, like the one below, who actually got a writeup in the New York Times for this piece.

 I just could not resist these colorfully dotted cement mixers under the grid of the elevated train tracks. Not meant to be art, of course, but visually exciting, none the less. 

 I was also intrigued that the NYC Transit Authority has placed art work on the subways. Now, besides sleeping & reading you can view works of art while riding the train. 

This intricate black & white drawing is difficult to discern in these photos, but it was certainly lovely to look at. I think, I may have been the only one riding, who was actually looking at it.

 My search to find out about the artist & these pieces was unsuccessful. Sadly, I was not able to get a good photo of the art work either, but I was fascinate by it & would love to learn more.

 The subway system certainly deserves praise for this practice of sharing art with the masses, but does not fair so well, when dealing with artist 

Victoria Hunter McKenzie.

 Check out  the story of her tiny works of art on discarded metro tickets below & her Etsy Shop here.


  1. I love graffiti! I take photos of it constantly!

  2. Nice post. The artists sees inspiration everywhere. I did find I had just really gotten to know myself, and my response to the city, when I moved to the rural setting. It took a while to find myself in this new setting. The road wasn't straight. I hope you will know yourself, and find your way more quickly than I did.

  3. The dotted cement mixers are incredible! Like toys. And I like grafittis, too, they often make life in big cities nicer!
    Merci pour ce post et à bientôt!

  4. I didn't know about the metro card art. Hard to believe they would go after her!! I love the cement mixers. I hope your travels this weekend go so well!

  5. OhIlike the surprise of artful things in unexpected places Sally... this was great... do have a good weekend... and thanks for your lovely comment!

  6. Great pics, gives a very "big city" kind of feeling - you can feel the rythm! :-)