Sunday, May 1, 2011


It is sunny but breezy in Boston today, just the kind of day to hang wash out on the line.

Of course, almost no one still does that here anymore. They do in France though, just one more thing I love about the country life there.

Ren- Lady of the Arts, who happens to be in Prague at the moment, recently left me a comment about how much she liked to see the lines of laundry put out to dry.

I too, love this. What could be sweeter than the fresh air smell of clean sheets & clean cloths ....

....or what could be more green!

In my little house in France, I do not have a garden to put up a clothesline. I use this drying contraption to put my wash out in the sun.

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments regarding my up coming trip. I am really looking forward to it & will happily share my adventures with you!


  1. your post is so synchronistic as I have just taken in a couple loads of laundry from the line today- and am now loving your pictures!

  2. Oh wow, Kristen, I am so happy to know that somebody is actually hanging out laundry in Boston today. It is the perfect day for it!

  3. Sally...
    not only did you make me feel much better when you admitted to certain tech problems and reverted to your old camera ...but I come over here and your posts are full of the wonderful things of life ... drying washing on lines and beautiful rustic french houses.... things a long way from the world of tech.
    I felt inspired this morning as I look out on a sunny autumn day here in the southern hemisphere. A little part of me is already in France now opening the shutters to the day ... wondering what the day will bring!

  4. Sophie,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I confess, that I felt the same sort of relief, when I read your post, knowing that I was not alone with all these tech difficulties.
    Thanks for stoping by, I really appreciate it since, I admire your blog so very much.

  5. Yes, wash on the line, is so beautiful in it's way. Something so honest, straight forward, full of memories!

  6. So true, Annell! Perhaps a good subject for one of your lovely poems?

  7. I love to hang washing on line,especially when the colours co-ordinate well.Here poeple still do have wash lines....usually in back gardens.

  8. my favorite! love the sunny shots!
    p.s. i studied in boston. man! i miss that city. i think you live in two of the best places on earth!
    big hugs!

  9. There's something so old-fashioned and romantic about it. Lovely post!

  10. I like hanging my laundry outside, get lots of sun and let it dry in the air is my favorite way too. I saw that kind of scene in Germany,and it was so nice.
    It was not allowed in my apt in US, but I did that secretly in my little balcony^^

  11. these pictures evoke the smell of sun warmed laundry and the sound of crisp white sheets dancing on the wind.....lovely.

  12. I love the idea of drying clothes on a line. I hate how rough the clothes feel if I don't iron them. Sigh. It's a dilemma.

  13. Dear sally,
    I have received comments on my blog in French but I don't understand French. Would you translate some of them for me?
    here is my email if you can.


  14. Sally.....Speaking of all things French, will you be there in June? Molly, Kaari and I will be in St Antonin June 21 for a few you at the cafe? Kay Meng

  15. Yes, there is something very nostalgic about laundry on a line... thanks everyone for your comments!

    Forest Dream Weaver, so glad to know people are still doing it!

    the Southern Hostess & jody, there is something very romantic about it !

    Paulita,but there is that problem of stiffness though isn't there?!

    jane, you live in a pretty cool place too!

    coco, hope that helped!

    Kay, Yes, I will be there. My sister & my niece will be visiting me at that time. We will be in the market on Sunday for sure! See you there!

    ps my # 05 63 68 26 15 if you want to give me a call.

  16. Dear Sally,lovely post..yes the smelling of fresh air...

  17. Hello, Sally!
    Yes, as southern hostess says, there is something old -fashioned and romantic !! It looks like a old movie scene. I always love this nostalgic place very much!!
    Red rose,Tomoko.

  18. Eye-Snacks & Redrose, thank you for your comments & for stoping by.... so nice to have you visit!

    In a perfect imaginary world we would all hang out our laundry & then gather together for a cup of tea.