Friday, August 6, 2010

Doors with Heart

The heart shape is often found on medieval doors. Along with other simple shapes, like the triangles below, the heart is repeatedly seen on the old doors of St. Antonin.

I am not sure of the significance, other than the obvious, but if you look, you will soon find hearts everywhere.

Sometimes you will find them in the most unexpected places, like the door below, long forgotten.

The heart on this bright door is tiny & not easy to spot, but to me, the brilliant red color says it all.

In this detail, you can see the tiny hidden heart along with other striking hard wear.

On this door one finds a heart, & other medieval elements, on one side & on the other, a modern intercom system, as well as, a "No Pub" ( publicity ) sign. I love the little window just above the door.

The "hand" door knockers, which you also see many of, came later. You will often see an assortment of different locks, handles, & pulls on one door, each added at different historical junctures.

The door below boasts an up side down heart along with other interesting decorative additions.

It is hard not to be drawn to a door that invites you in with a heart. I am completely charmed by this medieval practice.



  1. I wrote you a nice comment and then went away. Wondered did it post? Came back no comment. So here goes again. I love doors with hearts. I love the idea of, welcome to my home, come into my heart, my heart is open to you. I have collected hearts for a long time, and have put them on my interior doors. In the beginning I wanted to cover the doors, but I haven't added one in a long time. I want to be mindful of my heart. Thank you.

  2. Really like the photos, it's beginning to look like rough material for a book- I mean all your blogs. Am wondering what these photos might look like if taken with an SLR camera. Well, keep at it.

  3. I just love this post. I love that you've found these small, sweet details. What a magical place.