Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Little Still Life

I also worked on a very small still life in triptych. These canvases are just 8-10.

I enjoyed working small, with an emphasis on the white on white objects. Adding a splash of color with the flower & background.

The last one is the least successful individually , but seems to work in the group.

I could not get a larger image of the three, but at least you can see them as one (triptych).



  1. lovely paintings together.The whites are just so beautiful!
    I also worked on small size this summer and
    It was fun to do

  2. I really love these. They are great individually but really work well as a whole too.

  3. These are beautiful paintings. I wish I had an artistic side. And doors/windows, like in your previous posts, they do speak to me as well.

  4. these are so beautifl sally, they are just dreamy.

  5. Grama loved looking at your blog especially the wonderful old photo in the backyard in Baconton. Hard to believe this photo could be on a blog! We are having dinner and watching the super bowl. clyde is making tamales