Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turning Another Corner

Just like that, I have moved. Throwing caution to the wind, my husband & I have bought a house, site unseen, packed up our truck, piled high like the Beverly Hillbillies & headed down south to a new adventure. Well, I may have over simplified & condensed the tale just a bite, but the facts remain the same. And now we find ourselves in our new home, a 100 year old fixer-uper in Charleston, SC.

It is difficult to explain to sensible people how we might have made this step, but it does seem as if we have a history of such behavior. It was with the same reckless abandon & sense of adventure that we purchased our little cottage in France more than twenty years ago. My only hope now is that we are not too old to do it all over again .

Seeing the house for the first time, after having seen it only in photos & seeing all of the work that needs to be done, was a bite overwhelming to say the least. But I have had time to adjust to its flaws as well as its many charms.

And there is so much to love about this city! I love the weather, the birds, the history, the architecture, the food....& on & on. Just as my life has taken a new turn, this blog will have  a new life as well, following the ups & downs of fixing up an old house, while exploring the beautiful city of Charleston. I look forward to sharing it all with you!


  1. OMG! what a change you've had right under our noses!
    Well- I will certainly miss imagining you up here in MA but at the same time very curious to hear about S.C.
    Best of luck, and I think it's fantastic !!

  2. congratulations Sally, with your new house and for being that courageous, the weather looks fine there and the house inviting, looking forward to follow your new adventure, x

  3. Inspirational stuff - and a new art journey too?

    Good luck!

  4. Sally, I can't wait to follow along your new adventure.

  5. you are lucky girl sally. charleston is such
    a lovely lovely place. i was there many yrs ago and fell in love.
    i so look forward to your future post.

  6. Charleston is such a wonderful place....I LOVE the historic homes and gardens. ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!....and have a praline for me!!!

  7. Thanks everybody for the kind comments & your encouragement & well wishes! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

    Kristen,Thanks so much! I will be following along your blog to keep up with whats happening back at home in Ma.

    Renilde, Thanks for the congrats I appreciate it!

    Ruby, Yes I hope to be inspired by Charleston & get back to my painting & maybe even new art projects. Thanks for asking!

    Paulita, Thanks for the encouragement!

    coco, Thanks. I look forward to sharing it all with you. Hope it will bring back some happy memories!

    Jody, Thanks. It is a wonderful place...& yum those pralines!

  8. I just discovered this post and learn that you moved to Charleston! It's a new life begins, it's great! Your house looks lovely. I love old wooden houses full of charm.