Monday, December 31, 2012

Decking the Halls Charleston Style

I tried to post this earlier in the season but something clearly went awry, so I am making another attempt even though the timing is not quite correct. Perhaps I just like looking at these sunny photos & I suppose it is never too late to send good wishes your way.

Before I left Charleston I did not have time to do any Christmas decorating. Maybe, that is why I especially enjoyed looking at all of the pretty trimmings that were there to be seen. Here are a few photos of just some of those lovely decorations. 

It does seem like there is a distinct Charlestonian flair when it comes to decking the halls. The abundant use of all of the lush local greenery is extremely appealing. 

Magnolia wreaths are very popular & so pretty with the coppery tone of the underside of the leaves.

The Wreath below is a real tribute to local flora &  fauna, showcasing cotton bolls, spanish moss & all manor of regional foliage. Although the magnolia blossoms are silk, the leaves, trigs, berries & even antlers are all natural.

Christmas time also presents a chance to embellish Charleston's beautiful iron work as in the ornate blue fence  below.

Two of my favorites were this silvery magnolia wreath & the tiny wreath made with the white berries of the local popcorn plant.

Wishing you all a very happy & festive New Year!

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