Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The House

Here are a few photos of the interior of the house, where we try to live comfortably while all manor of work is going on. The house is a duplex &
 we have already rented the downstairs apartment. We live in the second floor apartment. I like being up in the trees with the birds.

We have torn down walls to open up the living space between the kitchen & living rooms.

 It continues to be a work in progress.

The bath has an old claw foot tub which though romantic is not always so practical. I am afraid that the sunlight in the photos make the rooms seem to be in much better shape than is the reality.

 There are multiple fireplaces ( non working though), that also give the rooms an old fashion romantic feel.

I am looking forward to using the room below as my studio. Hopefully after the holidays I will commence to start painting in earnest. 

When the chaos of the work inside becomes too much, we can always go out on our porch & relax in the sun. So far the weather has been beautiful, although I realize that winter will have to come at some point.

Happy December to you all wherever you may be & whatever you may be doing!


  1. Sally, your new house is beautiful and full of charm!

  2. You're right. Sunlight makes everything better. And you are in for a very different winter than the one you are used to in Boston. The house looks beautiful. Enjoy

  3. i can already feel the comfyness in
    your new home.

  4. Looks like you all are doing a lot of work! It is all looking really pretty and I love that porch.