Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Walk Around the Block

 Just taking a short walk around my new neighborhood is a delight. Many of the houses in this area were originally built at the turn of the century as duplexes and were advertised at the time as "having plumbing and beautiful iron gates".

Today the houses in this diverse & eclectic neighborhood are a real mixture of the well cared for & the beautifully deteriorating. 

Some have been lovingly restored while others have an air of mystery & neglect.

And some still have their beautiful iron gates.

Although I appreciate the beauty of the well maintained homes, with their attention to detail & historical accuracy, I have always been drawn to the patina of the old & worn .

Oh, the stories these houses could tell!

From the shabby to the chic this is definitely a very colorful neighborhood. And I mean that literally, with houses sporting many different shades of pastel hues.  

There are many styles of architecture that are unique to Charleston too, like the tiny freedman's cottage below.

Or the "Charleston single" which has a front door opening onto side porches. You get an idea of how closely the houses are built to one another in the next photo as well.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little walk around the block. I feel blessed to be living in such a unique & colorful neighborhood.


  1. Thank you for this walk among these beautiful homes! I'm a fan of wooden architecture (which almost doesn't exist in France). I would love to live in a charming house like that!

  2. i did!
    looks like a very sweet neighborhood indeed.
    and i also like the run down places the most...usually where ever i go!
    they have so much charm, soul, so many stories..triggering my imagination!