Friday, December 21, 2012

Baking Cookies

Of all the time honored holiday traditions for our family the baking of Christmas cookies is definitely a favorite.

December is also a special month for us because it is Gracie's birthday on the 18th & her mom's on the 24th. So we have a lot to celebrate! Our little Gracie turned 9 years old this year & still thinks that cookie baking & birthdays are somehow intertwined.

What a treat for me to have all three grandchildren for a day of baking cookies!

And now that they are all getting so much older they are really able to be real a part of the process.

There are so many jobs to do from mixing the dough... rolling & cutting out the cookies...... the best part of all the decorating!

We make two batches, one of sugar cookies & another of gingerbread. And for decorations we like to use sprinkles as well as icings......

There is always the annual sprinkle jar tower building contest which just seems to spontaneously happen every year.

And of course a lot of tasting going on.


  1. Oh nice and fun moments with your grandchildren! The cakes are very well decorated and it must be delicious ... the last picture proves it! :D

  2. Hi, Sally.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your sweet grandchildren!
    I have been so busy this year. Glad to visit you again.