Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year !

I am still in Boston. Although we did not have a white Christmas, we do indeed have the snow for a white new years!

It is chilly out there! And it seems to me that the best way to celebrate is to stay home tonight, cozy & warm & eat up the last of the Christmas cookies!

I will think about making resolutions tomorrow.......

Happy New Year to each & everyone of you!


  1. Surprisingly, no Christmas cookies left at my house! Stay warm and enjoy the New Year celebration. Oh, come play along with my France meme. I know you have plenty of photos.

  2. Happy New Year to you Sally! sounds like a good night :)

  3. How lucky you are! Here it's only very rainy.
    I wish you the nicest new year. Bonne année, chère Sally!

  4. Happy New Year Sally!
    The first day of 2013 started with the beautiful weather here in Nara. I have already made my resolution....still a secret though.
    So glad to have shared with your beautiful photos of Boston and France.