Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Morning

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday morning & another market day.

I bought strawberries. Although it was tempting, I did not eat them right away the way I saw many families doing.

Instead, I treated myself to this yummy petite déjeuner.

I bought tomatoes from a woman who had many different varieties all different shapes, sizes, & colors.

When I got home I made this simple salad of sliced tomatoes with just a hint of salt & pepper & a lot of fresh basil. Nothing else was needed. It was delicious.

Later in the afternoon I visited one of the beautiful hill top towns in the area with a friend. We ended our outing in a lovely cafe that specializes in artisanal sorbet. The sorbet is house made from organic fruit grown in the are. It was simply sublime & beautiful too!

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!


  1. Wow Sally! I'm catching up. I've been a lazy summer blogger. All your posts are pretty dreamy. All the fresh food... and the little nooks and details in the town and areas surrounding you. Everything is so beautiful to look at. Thank you for sharing your magical summers with us.

  2. Yum to everything. Our tomatoes still are not ripe and our basil is quickly fading. They need to be ready at the same time! I'm jealous of your petite dejeuner also. You really splurged if you bought the orange juice.

  3. Wow,Sally. You got many fresh tomatos. Also you are a good cook!Especially the last photo is very cute.

    I stock many frozen tomatos in my refrigerator in this time of the year. I get tomatos in a cardboard box as the price is low.
    You put a frozen tomato in a water,soon the skin is easily peeled. You cut a tomato into four or five,easily you can cut it,and put them, in a blender,swich on, and done. Add some honey for your taste before blending.
    This is my easy recipe!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful summer!