Friday, August 12, 2011

Art Exhibit for L' Église

The exhibition of art to benefit the church took place last weekend. It was held in the lovely old building that was once the one room school house of the village. Many of the older generation remembered having gone to school there. In those days each child would bring one piece of wood everyday for the wood stove that heated the school room.

Today the old stone walls & large windows made a lovely setting for the exhibit, & provided a wonderful way for all of the artists of the village to share their work with the community.

In all, there were eleven artists & craftsman that showed their work. The opening reception was well attended & was a lovely way to share an evening with friends & neighbors.

I exhibited several still lifes as well as three larger abstract paintings. All of the art work looked especially nice hung against the stone walls. The exhibition was well received & we were able to make some money to help in the restoration of the beloved village church.


  1. Sally.
    That is wonderful that the exbition of arts is held in the old building, and it benefits to renovate the village church! Especially the second photo is lovely ,which makes me really smile.Your paintings are very beautiful!!Sally.

  2. Lovely to see you and your work featured here Sally. And the gorgeous old church!
    Are these works inspired by your life here I was wondering? You have some delightful posts... I have missed too much lately... preoccupied with other things for work unfortunately!
    greetings to you...

  3. Beautiful photo of you and your painting, Sally! Isn't it wonderful to be able to share your art with members of the community, and for such a good cause? The opening must have been the best kind of party!