Monday, August 8, 2011

Outdoor Tables

Dinning outside is an age old tradition in France. It seems that everyone, with even the smallest of gardens, will find a space for table & chairs.

Every old country home has planks at the ready that can be set on folding legs & covered in oilcloth tablecloths to be put into use for gatherings of family & friends. Many farmhouses have open air barns which make perfect places for protected outdoor dinning.

Renovated country homes continue the tradition of dinning under covered barns, as well as the flowered tablecloths of old, only now with an air of sophistication.

However, if there is no barn, a table under the tress will do nicely.

Whether, with elegant wrought iron or simple wooden table & chairs, French homes are always ready for dinning in the open.

The table below is far too ornate for my taste, but the garden where it is placed is peacefully sublime.

I prefer this simple table set in front of a swing & a garden bench. It is easy to imagine a lovely breakfast of fresh fruit & homemade jams, being served here.

This photo gives the real feel of French outdoor dinning at it's best, relaxed family dinning under a covered porch, towels thrown over the backs of chairs after a day of swimming.


  1. They all look very homey and welcoming. Nothing too stiff or formal. And they definitely don't look like they were picked as a set from Pier One.

  2. Very lovely photos,Sally. Being together,sharing joys with family or close friends in out door tables and chairs...what happiness could we have other than that. My favorite is the sixth.

  3. hello sally,
    you still in france?
    It is such a luxuary to have all those beautiful atmosphere.

  4. Somehow so much more romantic than the North American equivalent of rugged picnic table with gaudy plastic tablecloth from the dollar store! But really, the sheer treat of being able to sit and sip or nibble comfortably outdoors is the real beauty of it all.

  5. A lovely selection of settings.The French are so good at the "ceremony of the table".

  6. I like your pictures and your comments. It's interesting to discover the details that you like in France.