Wednesday, August 17, 2011

People Watching in the Square

While whiling the time away, in the café in St. Antonin, one can not help but enjoy the pass time of people watching. Here are a few photos, I took the other day, while doing just that.

There is just something so French about the French tourist.

I loved this big sister fixing her younger sibling's hair, while she ate a late breakfast. I guess though, with the GAP sweatshirt, this could have been anywhere.

There was just something about those green shoes hurrying by.

I tried to be pretty anonymous, but this little girl looked right at me & did not seem to mind being photographed. We shared a good laugh afterwards.

There was a little impromptu jazz concert, adding some nice tunes to an already lazy day.

There was a heavy game of cards going on.....

....& the this young lady, who seemed lost in her own thoughts.

But it was this little girl with her oversized handbag & her little French dog, that really made me laugh.

I hope you have enjoyed doing a little people watching with me here in the square.


  1. Loved visiting the square with you. What great color you send back from your little patch of France.

  2. If I ever get stuck on an elevator with other people, they had better be French. Style and soul.