Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Les Temps

We have had more than our share of rain this summer in the southwest of France. But on the bright side I have seen more rainbows than I ever have in one summer. I have seen 5 different rainbows including the double one below in just the past two months.

As a result of all the rain the river is high & moving along quite fast. Everything is still a very lush green when usually it is quite dry this time of year

The wild flowers have been amazing too.

I especially love my walks after the sun comes out. Seeing the fields of flowers and all the pretty butterflies in such perfusion is a real treat.

I noticed on one walk recently that someone is keeping bees. I crept in to take a closer look & watch the bees busy at work.

I wonder who the bee keeper is? I don't know but it reminds me of all the local honey products available in the market. I am sure with all of these beautiful wild flowers these bees will make some delightfully tasty honey.

Hope you are looking forward to a honey of a weekend. May it be filled with wild flowers & even perhaps a rainbow.


  1. We have had more rain than usual in SC too and there is more coming this weekend, sigh.
    I love seeing your rainbows, they are so pretty.
    Local honey spots are springing up everywhere which is wonderful, for us and the bees!

  2. Rainbows, rivers, flowers, bees and honey. You've made me happy with all these beautiful things! Lovely pictures, Sally!

  3. Lovely photos, Sally. Your rainbows turned out so bright!

  4. Great, the double one!
    We are in Saint Jean de Luz and have (for the moment) quite lovely weather for the Bask Country...
    Warm greatings!

  5. I love every single thing in this post but that rainbow is to die for!

  6. What a wonderful post! That is the one thing I haven't seen this summer ... a rainbow (even after our rains). We have bee hives on our land and each fall the honey producer brings us fresh pails of honey! Mmmmm!