Monday, August 11, 2014

Les Escarpés

Scarves in France are an important fashion accessory & you see them everywhere.

A scarf is just part of the well dressed look in France.

They are worn by all ages 

......& in all seasons.

Every wearer seems to have his or her own unique way of wearing a scarf.

Some are worn draped like a shawl while others are a more traditional look.

And yes French men are fond of scarves too.

One is never too young to learn the art of accessorizing with a scarf.

It is always a pleasure to regard this most French of traditions & all the colorful ways in which the scarf can be worn.

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Wishing one & all a very happy week.


  1. Scarves are fun aren't they? I love them.

  2. I love the French love of scarves too, and always try to sneak some photos of stylish French scarf wearers. I did a post about it a few weeks ago.

  3. Not so ubiquitous in England as far as I'm aware. Now I shall be keeping a lookout to see if I'm right. They certainly add a splash of glorious colour.

  4. What wonderful images, showing just what a scarf can do. From young to old, they suit everybody, don't they ?
    ….. and, many thanks for your comment today. XXXX

  5. I can't tell you how many I have .... I am a fan of scarves! It's a good idea, I could do a post (or more) on this topic one day ... :D

  6. I love scarves too. I have a hard time wearing them in the summer though. I know the French are always on guard against a draft. I'm so glad they found a beautiful way to express that. I like to see men in scarves too. I wish more American men would wear them. Thanks for playing along today. Can't wait to hear what you think about The Hundred Foot Journey. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  7. Great post. They love their scarves. I always come home with new ones from France.

  8. For the love of scarves! I think France is an ideal place for me as I'm taken with the scarf too- such a colorful post Sally- Thanks for brightening my day :)

  9. Unbearably beautiful. I love scarves and bought one when in France -- wish I'd bought more! The colors in your top photos is luscious!

  10. I've always felt awkward wearing scarves except for winter wear. I need to get over that. They look wonderful on everyone else.
    The colors are beautiful.

  11. Great post and nice photos of the variety of scarves in France. I am still not going to wear one.

  12. I too love scarves. Yes, I enjoy my scarves in all seasons!