Monday, August 4, 2014

Film Update

For those of you who have been following along about the motion picture, The Hundred Foot Journey, which was filmed  in St. Antonin last summer, here is the latest update. The French trailer came out about a month after the American trailer. The French version of the film comes with a title change, instead of The Hundred Foot Journey it is called 
Les Recettes du Bonheur.
The bad news  (for me at least) is that the opening date in France is also a month after the American. In the states the film opens August 8 but here in France it will open on September 10. And that is disappointing for me because my flight back home is September 6th. I will just miss it!

I had so hoped to watch this film here in the town where it was made. But that is not to be. The beautiful Cinema Le Querlys is my favorite movie house  in all the world. It would have been the perfect place to share this film with all of the people of the town that took part in it in one way or another. The posters are already up & everyone is excited to see the results of all that took place last summer. How I wish I would be here for the opening as well.

I found an interview (below) with Helen Mirren , who stars in the film, talking about her role. The interview is a bit choppy but if you watch it through to the end she talks about filming in this area. She says how she jumped at the chance to work in this part of France & that she hopes the film will give the audience a taste of how incredibly beautiful it is in this part of the world. These are sentiments with which I totally agree.

If you missed my posts last summer about the making of the film you can check out some of them here *   *   *   * . 
Sim Carter also did some very interesting posts on her blog Chapter 1 Take 1 about the film, which you can see here.

I am linking to Paulita's Dreaming of France today.

Have a great week everybody!


  1. Thank you for the links Sally, I will be clicking away. I am so excited to see this movie and didn't know it was filmed there. I'm sorry you will miss seeing it where it was filmed, that's disappointing I know.

  2. Sally, I can't believe you're going to miss the debut there in France. Are you sure it isn't worth changing your ticket for the joy of it? I still remember watching the movie Harper Valley PTA when it came out in Lebanon, Ohio, where I grew up and where it was filmed. I even got to be an extra. I plan to go see it next weekend. I never did get through the book. Thanks for playing along today. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. How disappointing for you. I met Richard in NYC a few years ago when he was self promoting the book. Looks like it does not need any more promotion. He was very nice and I enjoyed the book.

  4. Oh no, such a shame you will miss it! Btw: I really want to see the film now. Have a beautiful day, lovely.

  5. Oh, that IS disappointing. I'm looking forward to seeing this too -- maybe this weekend if it is still here. I can't imagine the joy you will experience when you DO see it and you know all the spots!

  6. It sounds like a wonderful film ... I am so sorry you will miss seeing it in France! :(

  7. So, you live in that town? Cool. I saw the movie in the States a week ago. It is a sweet (but minor) movie. Even though I lust after Helen Mirren, I wish that a real French woman had been cast in that role. She was decidedly not French. So . . . why don't you change your tickets and go back to the States a little later?