Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A road trip to Spain found us in a tiny village ( only 10 inhabitants ) high in the Pyrenees....

.....where the only sound one hears is the slow clanging of cow bells & a wish to hear the hug old church bells.

Then there was a day in Pamplona ......

.....where the festival of the Running of the Bulls , made famous by Hemingway, takes place every year in July.

I enjoyed wandering the old streets & looking up at all the beautiful balconies. 

What fun to have a few days to soak up all this Spanish flavor


  1. Lovely collages as always. I might have been persuaded to linger in the Pyrenees, but that's just me!

  2. Absolutely beautiful …… and that village is perfect ….. I love to be off of the beaten track when I travel. XXXX

  3. Your road trip sounds absolutely delightful ... both with their special charms!

  4. Such beautiful places! So wonderful you get to see them. I think I need to visit France and Spain some time! :)

  5. Those splashes of red in some of those photos are very Spanish. Hoping you find some lovely Tapas, I dream of Tapas bars.

  6. Oh Sally, these are so beautiful! What a great summer you are having!