Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tiny Spaces ( Part 2 )

 Houses are not the only tiny buildings in Charleston. 

There are many tiny businesses too.

This has certainly got to be the tiniest hair salon I have ever seen.

Although, no longer in use this tiny building was once a post office in Mt. Pleasant, just outside of Charleston.

I just love the Shell House, which is on the campus of Ashely Hall & serves as a senior student center.

This adorable tiny building sells snacks. 

Here is a bright little building just waiting for a new life.

But oh my, the tiny eateries have to be my favorites. 

Most of these are right in my neighborhood & are within walking distance of my house.

Sugar Bakeshop, below,  is my all time favorite & really deserves a post all its own. 

Their jewel like cupcakes are simply to die for. 


  1. sweetness!
    i'd love to visit some of those tiny treasures...

  2. I love the tiny buildings Sally. I'd happily have any for a studio! A few years back I worked as a carpenter building luxury bespoke treehouses. Small constructions fascinate me. One day I'll build my own studio........ and can't wait :)

  3. What a strange thing to have such quaint buildings filled with surprises. I bet you end up with one as a studio.

  4. Lovely! Small buildings make me curious ... I don't know why!

  5. Hello, Sally,
    Those colorful buildings put a smile on my face. Yes, I too love the shell house.The soft light on it is also lovely.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. incredible little houses and a very nice post! thank you, Sally! war greetings from Paris.

  7. oh, I love all these places ! I could very well see myself and my husband start a little vegetarian/gluten free business...

  8. sally, please let me know your email address, i can
    put your name on the invitation list to my blog.