Friday, April 19, 2013

Stunning Developments in Boston

This has been a strange & chaotic week for Boston. Today the city of Boston is in a lockdown mode, while law enforcement search for the Marathon bombing suspect, who remains at large. Schools & colleges have closed. The entire public transit system has been shut down. Except for the presence of the authorities & the media the streets of Boston are empty. Most of the Boston population are now glued to the television as this unprecedented situation unfolds before us. Like so many others, I have so much to do, but find myself unable to tear myself away from the TV.


  1. Oh, I forgot you had returned to Boston. Glad you made it safely and hope the suspect is soon captured.

  2. Sally...what a return... coinciding with a truly tragic event on large scale.

    It was a relief to see the search for the suspects come to a conclusion ...but now it gets really intense discovering the how and why.

    Hope you are soon settled and the healing can begin for all in your region!
    I read a few of your posts and yes.. you and I are in a similar place with the home scenario in transition. All the very best with that Sally.

  3. I'm sending you all my love and dearest thoughts...
    It was the day I was flying to the US, sadly the memory will be attached to this one.