Sunday, April 21, 2013

Preparing The Condo For Sale

Everywhere I look there is the clutter of a lifetime needing to be sorted through, packed away or discarded. This is not an easy task. Each familiar item holds some sort of memory, some story of the past.

However, in order to put the condo on the market the clutter must be dismantled. This process is as much about remembering as it is about organizing & therefore takes an inordinate amount of time.

One tends to hold on to so many things that are not really any longer useful but are loved & treasured just the same, or at least I do.

Old journals & letters are some of the hardest. I invariably stop to reread passages or entire letters, which can take a whole afternoon just to sort through a small pile.

And then there are old photographs of which I have many. Unfortunately, nothing is orderly & neatly placed in albums as they should be. I have closets filled with shopping bags & baskets over flowing with photos & other sentimental treasures, all now needing my full attention.


  1. dear sally,
    it is so much like that!
    the collection of stuff stuff stuff...
    that we actually could do without.
    i many times feel like a hamster! :)
    and sorting through all of it can be such a trip down memory lane, full of nostalgic memories.

  2. Oh, this is the hard part of moving. I know right where you're coming from. You can go through a lifetime of emotions in one day going through memories like that. I feel I hold on to things, maybe too much, and maybe because I've experienced loss. But it's a good process to go through things, donate, throw away. Old love letters, do one throw them (from the previous boyfriend I mean, Lol) - what to keep and what to hrough? Difficult question!

  3. Can't you just move it all to South Carolina, where you will not go through it again? I'm the same way, especially with letters. I always read them again.

  4. When we listed our house a couple of years ago I purchased some cardboard boxes [small] from Ikea, and stacked a lot of my paper stuff in them,to be organized later. I do tend to love getting rid of 'stuff', but papers and photos and memories are important to sift through slowly... Good luck with selling! Hope it is fast!

  5. oh what a job- try to enjoy going through the memories! it's a lot moving, but it sounds like you've got a great spot your in -in S.C. maybe that will make it somewhat easier...