Friday, April 12, 2013

Diego & Frida

 Our  visit with our granddaughters also included a trip to Atlanta to see extended family. While in Atlanta, we were able to go to the Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo exhibit 
at Atlanta's High Museum of Art .

 It was a wonderful exhibition that we were all able to enjoy. Our youngest granddaughter, Gracie, recently studied about Frida Kahlo in art class.

I was amazed at how large the show was. 

It covered the monumental murals of Diego Rivera as well as his paintings.

My favorites were & always have been those with his signature cala lilies.

But for me the real emphases  of the show was all about Frida.

Her starkly revealing self portraits tell the story in pictures of her often tragic life & her passionate yet tumultuous  relationship with her husband, Diego.

I was struck by how even her  beautiful, colorful still lifes have a provocative edge to them.

Together these two iconic Mexican artists created an enormous body of work in their lifetimes & this exhibition has done a wonderful job of curating it.

We enjoyed sharing this exhibit as a family
well... you have to have a little fun too!


  1. The exhibit was in Toronto from November to January, and I went twice. I found the many photos so incredible. My first visit I was angry at Diego, the second time, I wished Frida had been able to believe in herself, so I was a little angry with her. A hard time to be a woman, and an artist and disabled. For me as well the trip was about Frida.

    1. I know there was just so much emotion there! Lucky you to get to go a second time, I would love to go back for another look.

  2. I'm sure it was very interesting! I want to read a biography of Frida soon. This is a good thing to visit painting exhibitions with children. It opens minds!

    1. I read her biography, & I highly recommend it. She lead a very interesting life.

      I agree with you about children & art exhibits. They often have a very different & interesting perspective.

  3. That looks incredible. I'd love to have that board with Frida and Diego's cut out heads!!