Monday, July 30, 2012

Wisteria & Trumpet Flowers

The wisteria has been lovely this year. Normally at its peek in the spring, it is usually finished blooming by summer. However, with all of the rain & cooler weather it has continued to be beautiful right into July.

One of my neighbors has a porch completely covered in it, which creates such a lovely shaded spot to sit & enjoy the fragrance of the blossoms.

I asked her one day the name in French, & she told me "glycine". I then told her the name in English, to which she immediately said "Wisteria Lane?" I had to laugh, it seems that you just can not get away from some things American. Apparently "Desperate Housewives" is very popular in France.

Also pretty this year are the Trumpet Vines dripping with their beautiful orange & sometimes yellow flowers.

These vines are very reminiscent of my childhood. I always called the flowers trumpet flowers but am not sure if that is the proper name.

If anyone knows I would love to find out. Here they climb over doorways & hang dangling atop windows,

or grow over forming an arch. You find both of these lovely vines all over this area & this year they have both been especially pretty.

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  1. Sally, I love wisteria, but have none growing here. I definitely connect it with a trip to Bandol six years ago. As for the trumpet vine, we have lots of that. Here's what Wikipedia says about it: "The trumpet vine or trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans), also known as "cow itch vine" and (in horticulture) as "hummingbird vine", "
    Funny, because when we bought this house, we saw a hummingbird on the trumpet vine.