Friday, July 13, 2012


I love old signs in France, many of which were painted right onto buildings' surfaces. This advertisement for handmade furniture was painted on the rosy brick of Albi, probably at the turn of the century.

I have loved these beautiful carved letters for the 21 years that I have been here. Above an empty, boarded up shop in St. Antonin, their greenish weathered patina is so lovely to me.

Although the building below is no longer an auberge, the new residents have respectfully preserved its wonderful old signage.

I was very excited to discover this old sign in one of the many nearby hill top towns.The word "Hotel" just barely visible, I love the subtle colors & shading that can still be made out. Although the building has long since been abandoned, a neighbor told me that this little hotel actually had guests as late as the 1950's. I am sure that they must have been very sparse accommodations.

It looks as if there has been an attempt at refurbishing the lettering above this blue doorway & unfortunately not such a great job. But what is apparent, is that this humble entry once welcomed patrons to a small town cafe.

Again one can barely make out the faint sign on this old store front. There is something so special about these abandoned spaces to me, as if time has just stood still.

It is hard not to wonder what life was like when these businesses were flourishing enterprises. I believe that this little shop carried men's & women's clothing & shoes.

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  1. That first one on the orange brick is fantastic. We have some of the same type of thing in the Victorian towns around here. We love to seek them out! I am a bit more partial to that French history, though...