Monday, July 2, 2012

Le Matin

Days can be so simple here, that there often seems little to share with you. Today I have taken some photos of what I see on waking, photos of my life drenched in the light of morning.

I love sleeping in my mosquito net. There is something exotic & romantic about it to me. I especially love the play of light on it in the early morning as I wake up.

My breakfast is a simple bowl of fruit, yoghurt & honey. All bought at the market the day before, this is really my favorite meal of the day.

My view while sitting at the table falls on the china cupboard as the sun light dances on the items within.

I also feel happy looking at the flowers, fruits & vegetables that were bought yesterday at the Sunday market.

The mirror in the upstairs hallway catches the light from the bedroom, where the window is open letting in the fresh morning air. It is time to start my day.

I am wishing all of you a happy light filled Monday as well. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Lovely interior Sally. Bonne semaine à toi !

  2. The simple joys are the ones we cherish the most.

  3. Sally your life looks ideal right now! soak it all up and thank you for sharing such beautiful photos!

  4. Delightful Sally,thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your week,


  5. what a comfortable lovely place !
    I love the idea of the mosquito net, it looks beautiful too

  6. Your sights are Simple and Simply Beautiful! That's why we all love coming here! Sally, I wish you could address the issue of the mosquito netting, why there are no screens in France, just how many bugs really are flying around at night, how you deal with reading in bed with a light on and moths, and does the netting work against the errant bat, as well? Loving to sleep next to an open window as I do, and reading late into the night, has me thinking on these things way too much!!!
    have a lovely weekend,