Thursday, May 21, 2015

La Premier Semaine

My first week in France is always divided by cleaning & opening the house & dealing with the fatigue of jetlag. The weather has been chilly & rainy. The sun has only been peeking out at intervals. Today it has been  constantly going in & out of the clouds providing at least some moments of glorious sunshine. Yesterday it rained pretty much all day. Whenever the sun does come out for any length of time, I get out as fast as I can & take a walk in the countryside.

This house has been closed up like this for as long as I can remember, at least twenty five years or more. I am sure that all of the furniture is still in place just as it was left. How I would like to take a look inside.

I did take a peek in the barn, however, & this is what I saw. 

It is so green this time of the year.

I had a bit of a staring contest with this curious cow. 

This is my friend Gabby's chicken coop. I love that it is beautiful with roses cascading over it.

Thanks for coming along on my walk with me. I hope your week has been a nice one & that you have had some glorious moments of 
sunshine too. 


  1. Hi,Sally,
    Thank you for letting me join your walk! The old barn is very charming! How charming the chicken coop is.
    I hope your jet lag will go away soon.
    Enjoy France!

  2. It's florescent green too in our little corner of France. We had hailstone yesterday! The strawberries are not yet ready but I have been setting my ducks to the task of slug patrol all around the patch. Hopefully we shall be in for a lovely mountain of fruit bientot!

  3. How wonderful to walk your old paths again! It's all so lovely.

    We are opening our summer house this weekend -- all the airing out (and I fear it will be a cool airing, too!). But such a good feeling!

  4. I enjoyed the walk! Thanks for bringing me along.

  5. The weather looks very similar to what we're having on this side of the Channel. Really enjoyed sharing your walk.

  6. I hope the weather will be better soon in the it's not to bad but too cold.
    I like the old house too and as you I would be curious to see inside... ;)