Friday, May 1, 2015


There are lots of changes going on in Charleston at the moment. Urban development is taking place at an alarming rate. I for one am not such a fan of so much development.

I always loved passing by this singular building standing alone & proud on upper 
King Street.

Today the older building is dwarfed & wedged in on all sides by the construction of an enormous hotel complex.

 I am of course glad that the building remains in place at least, much like the children's story 

Another beautiful example of an older Charlestonian commercial building is just a few blocks away.

For years, I have loved it & it's old painted sign announcing 
"Leon's Mens & Boys Wear".

But now it has undergone a change & a modern renovation turning it into yet another upscale eatery in Charleston.

I personally hate to see modern additions tacked onto these stunning & stately old buildings.

But I guess this is the price of progress & certainly I am thankful that the beauty of the old patina has been valued & preserved.

It will be interesting to see just what changes will have taken place over the summer, when I return to Charleston in September.


  1. Maybe they'll end up like Mr Spiegelhalter's shop in the East End of London, near where I went to college. You can read about it here:

  2. Terrific eye again to single out these old buildings. I agree about the addition. I'm surprised they didn't have to do something in character with the building.

  3. It's a mixed bag -- having a community grow and seeing the changes. I can work more easily with changes that are compatible with the environment and old buildings but some changes just boggle my mind. Although I suppose to be fair, no one liked the Eiffel Tower when built either!

  4. That's a collection of marvellous shots!
    Yes I have enjoyed my 13th trip to the States in 8 years very much, thank you! It was a first in the Southwest!