Friday, May 29, 2015

Finalement Le Soleil

The sun has finally come out & it has made me so happy. You might think that I couldn't wait to get outside, & I have enjoyed sitting in the sun from time to time. But I actually love just being in the house when the sunshine comes flooding through the windows. The warmth & the brightness make me so happy & I am inspired to get things done. I have been doing laundry & washing windows & doing all kinds of things that I couldn't or wouldn't do when it was dreay & cold.

Eventually though I did decide to take a break & get outside in the fresh air & take a walk.  

I took a path along the river on the opposite bank.

I love seeing the bridge from this perspective...

....& the village peeking through the trees.

I came home with a sweet bouquet of wild flowers to bring a little bit of the outdoors in.

I hope you have a sunny & happy weekend even if you happen to spend it doing the laundry or washing windows. 


  1. I love your place Sally! That lamp (what a prettily arranged breakfront) is my favorite shade of blue. I am a sunshine lover too, gloomy days get me down in ways I'm not even conscious of until I realize how cheerful I feel when the sun comes out. Enjoy the weekend. As always, I love your pictures.

  2. a really lovely place, you French home!
    more warm greetings from Paris!

  3. Hi Sally , unfortunately there is NO sun here today (June 1st) it is blowing a gale brrrrrr . Gret to see a very cheery post :-) I love the lamp too.