Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Hundred Foot Journey Trailer

You may remember that last September the film The Hundred Foot Journey was shot in part in the village of St. Antonin. Excited to be here at that time & fascinated by the filming process, I wrote a number of posts on the subject. Since being back in France this year, I have ask around town about the film but no one here seems to know anything about it, when it will be coming out etc. So the other day I was delighted to learn by way of  Sim Carter's blog 
Chapter 1- Take 1that the trailer is out. 

Sim writes a fascinating blog about the adaptation of books to film. She had written a review of The Hundred Foot Journey & had linked it to Paulita's Dreaming of France  page. Thinking that Sim would be interested in my experience, Paulita put her in touch with me. One thing lead to another & Sim has now written a wonderful post about my film observations using some of the photos I took last year. It is such a well written piece I hope you will find the time to check it out She has a lot of interesting facts about the film too. For instance the opening date is August 8, 2014 & that, yes, the cinematographer, 
Linus Sandgren was indeed who I met with his lovely wife (story here).
Thanks Sim for checking out my posts & sharing them with others.


  1. Sally, What fun. Our love for France ties so many of us together.

  2. cooking and France, two of my favorite
    are in this movie. i must see this one.
    thanks sally.

  3. Oh, how fun to be there to see it being made -- and now to SEE it soon! I must put this one on my list!

  4. When this movie comes out I'll see it!

  5. Thanks so much Sally, I'm sharing this on twitter and I'll be sharing more of your posts as we get closer to the film's release date. I'm so glad Paulita put us in touch!