Friday, June 13, 2014

Drawing Challenge: Coca-Cola

This is new for me. But I have long admired the talented ladies & gentlemen that participate in the weekly Drawing Challenge. Each week there is a different host who comes up with a different theme for the week. This week the host is Rachel & the theme is 
I grew up in Georgia, where Coke actually comes from & this drink has a very nostalgic place in my childhood memories. I remember fondly all the iconic, old fashioned Coca-Cola signs that were in every grocery & drug store soda fountain back then. Coke was considered a special drink, more for grownups than for children. It was brought out on a tray as a treat, icy cold, when guests came to call.

I  remember the pleasure of sitting in rocking chairs on my grandmother's wide front porch & having my very own frosty bottle of Coke with the adults. I think of delightful days of hot summer sun & the heats dizzingly refreshing antidote.
Although I rarely drink it now, Coca-Cola is all about nostalgia & happy childhood memories for me.
I hope you will check out the other Drawing Challenge participants on Rachel's blog Hi Happy PandaI think that you will find that there is indeed a lot to admire about each of them.

Photos taken on John's Island, South Carolina.


  1. I was only allowed it when I helped my mother carry her grocery shopping home. It wasn't "rationed" for health reasons but for economics considerations. I probablt appreciated it far more than the coke-slurping young of today.

  2. I will definitely have to check out the drawing challenge! It will be so interesting to see how the participants interpret the challenge!
    Wonderful memories and enchanting historical images Sally! Your painting and colour scheme is wonderful!

  3. what a nice memory. i had no idea that coke was that special. i love how you interpret this theme

  4. Wonderful memories. I especially like the last photo: it's
    so refreshing and "summer like".

  5. I love it when there are memories attached to the art we create! Going to check out the link you shared! Have a great weekend, Sally!

  6. hi sally, lovely to meet you; i've seen your tiny photo label popping up here and there, you were no stranger to me. ;)))
    your memories fill in the kind of nostalgic craving i sometimes experience, and gladly feel, when i watch a movie in the style of rambling rose, e.g. ... sort of.

  7. dear sally
    wonderful to see your impressions from france. and that compote looks so yummy! it is beautiful here... a great way to start of the summer. and i understand your mixed feelings about the wifi! take care and enjoy

  8. Hi Sally,
    what a great memory and you have captured it in last pic: there is all in, the sun of a hot summer on Grandma's front porch and the freshness of the drink!

    Have a fine weekend,

  9. such a fine memory
    i can see you on that front porch
    together with your grandmother
    and in rocking chairs
    that is so movie-like to me ;^))
    and like you cocacola means summertime to me

    thanks for joining!
    Patrice A.

  10. Hello Sally. It's so lovely to have these kinds of memories and have a product which roots us to our childhood home. I grew up in Prague, so away form all pop, and coke isn't a part of my life, but I love the iconic red and the images, and love how artists have managed to portray them with such variety over the years. :)

  11. Sally, I have memories associated with Coke too. We weren't allowed a full bottle though. On Sunday nights, during the Wonderful World of Disney, Mom would pour about one-third of a little jam jar glass full of pop for me and each of my siblings. We'd sip it to make it last. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Those bottles are so special. I'd realise that they are coca-cola bottles and the're also a beautiful image.

  13. So true Sally- and SO nice to see you participating!!!!
    I love your colorful coke bottle interpretation and those photos really made me realize how historical that beverage really is :)

  14. Welcome to the DC, Sally. Interesting how this challenge evoked memories for us. Great photos here.

  15. Sally, these images are beautiful! I love the old signage and that turquoise! I have come to love Georgia. I won't be here for much longer. Leaving before the heat really hits. We also spent time on St. Simons Island a few years ago. Just lovely.
    Thank you for participating and welcome!

  16. I love every image you shared -- perhaps later this summer I'll be able to participate in one of these!

  17. Hi Sally! I'm totally with you and your wonderful memories about coca cola as a very special drink! I remember I had to become a certain age to be allowed to drink cola and that made it so interesting. I'd love to come and have a fresh coke in your beautiful surrounding! Look at all those vintage signs! What would I give to get one of those!!!
    I'm late this week, but I finally made it. Hope you'll come and see... :-)