Monday, June 9, 2014

Les Chapeaux du Roland Garros

If you were watching the French Open at Roland Garros this weekend you may have noticed that almost all of the spectators were wearing the same white hats. 

AP photo/Petr David Josek 

The tennis blog Slice even caught shots of Nadal's girlfriend, Maria Francisca "Xisca" Perello & the girlfriend of Djokovic, Jelena Ristic, wearing them as they cheered their guys on. It seemed that it was a rare head that was not sporting one of these chic chapeaux. 

Photos/Getty Images  
    1. What was exciting for us besides Nadal's ninth French Open win was that the hats everyone was taking notice of came from this region . Not only is this area the fruit capital of France but it is also known as France's hat making capital. The town of Caussade, situated just 20 minutes from St. Antonin, has been making hats of all kinds since 1857. At the turn of the century when hats were the proper fashion for both women & men Caussade was a booming community. However, the hat making business declined as the fashion for chapeaux dwindled. Caussade continued to make a name for itself in the hat making industry, making the straw boater that Maurice Chevalier made famous, & more recently the hats that Andie McDowell wore in 
      Four Weddings & a Funeral,
      not to mention being the official hat manufacturer for Roland Garros.

      We are used to seeing the hats of Caussade in the local  markets here but it was a thrill to see them so prominently worn in Paris this weekend.

      I am linking this up with Paulita & her weekly Dreaming of France meme


  1. I need to get one of those hates! They're awfully cute and apparently terribly chic!

  2. All of those white hats made it look like Wimbledon. My husband even asked what was with all the white. I suppose they sold a lot because it was so sunny for much of the French Open this year. Thanks for playing along. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. Love the white hats and what an amazing match! Paulita mentioned you posted some pictures from The Hundred Foot Journey movie last summer, I'd love to link to them from my site. What do you think?

  4. Hi again Sally, thanks for the heads up on the video. I hope I have fixed it:) Can you tell me where your photos from the shoot are on your blog? And yes, I will def link directly back to you. Merci.

  5. I saw those hand made hats at Roland Garros. They are 100 Euros each. Any one in the Presidents box gets one, lucky ducks.

  6. What a great post- fashionable and informative! I didn't see any of Roland Garros, so didn't see the hats, but what a great back story they have. Actually it's nice to see French folks wearing sun protection. We Australians are very aware of it of course, but it's rare to see the French wearing hats on hot days I found, and on my trip in 2010 I lost my hat on the Arc de Triomphe and it was almost impossible to find a replacement!

  7. Hi Sally, sorry to contact you like this; I should have asked for your email. Anyway my first post linking back to you is up. THANKS so much. BTW, I've tweeted you too @salsalish