Monday, September 23, 2013

Mauvais Temps

My blog is running about a week behind the actual filming of the movie version of The Hundred Foot Journey in St. Antonin. Last week was to be the taping of the big market scene but the weather was just not cooperating.

After what had been a beautiful first day of shooting the week before, suddenly the temperature dropped & the heavens opened.

All of the props were in place & ready to go for the planned Monday morning shoot, but heavy rain called a stop to production. Everything had to be quickly covered and protected.

The rest of the week remained chilly, grey & overcast with on & off drizzling rain. However, a big production like this is on a tight schedule & cannot let the weather get in the way.

Sunny or not the show must go on. The dollies, cameras, & other film equipment were rolled out & the filming got underway.

With the proper lighting & the magic of cinema a grey day can become a picture of colorful warmth & sunshine.

While the camera crew stayed warm in heavy jackets the actors shivered in their light weight costumes.

Many of the figurants or extras bundled up in coats & blankets while waiting on the sidelines for their entrance.

Unfortunately the sun never did come out. They kept taping though & by the end of the week the market scene was a wrap. The camera assistant carried the last canisters of film to be shipped for processing.

The funny thing is that this weekend the sun came out & we were back to summer like temperatures. All next week is to continue to be the same. And what were the set crew busy doing on Saturday?

Why setting up hoses & sprinklers on the tops of all the buildings in the square. For what you might ask? Well to simulate rain of course. Ah the magic of cinema!

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  1. Too bad they weren't more flexible to film the rain scenes during the rain. I guess they are so used to things being staged they don't think of taking advantage of reality. Want to play along with Dreaming of France today? Since you are in France and all...