Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And Action

Luckily bystanders were fortunate to be able to watch the whole filming process from a short distance away. There are no photos allowed durning shooting of course but here are a few that I took between takes.

The extras or figurants as they are called in French are dressed, ready & waiting.

I loved this group of locals (below) waiting for their cue. The man in the green hat to the right is the assistant director.

Om Puri, a well known Indian actor plays the part of the father & head of the Hajj clan.

Here the three older Hajj siblings discuss their parts. I am afraid I do not know the actors names other than Manish Dayal, who plays the principle Hassan Hajj & who is on the left.

Here are the two young actors who will be the youngest Hajj siblings.

Watching a feature film being shot can sometimes seem like a lot of milling around.

The same scene is shot over & over again. Below Manish Dayal & Lasse Hallstrom wait for the next take.

The scene begins as the Hajj bother & sister exit the blue car to go to the café. So back into the car they go to do it one more time.

Below Lasse Hallstrom in a pensive moment.

All of this repetition can be very monotonous & tiring. I was really impressed how well all the locals who were chosen as extras stood up to the task. You can see the men in the cafe look quite convincing & ready to roll.

It is not only the extras that might find it tiring. Seasoned actors as well can find it tedious. Below Manish Dayal has a big yawn as he waits for yet one more take after a long day of shooting.

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  1. I had to read all the posts Sally to learn what film and so on... how utterly exciting to be watching all this! You will have fun seeing the finished film and making sense of the familiar!