Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting Ready

A little unassuming bistro has become the pretty Café Rouge.

With minutely detailed plans & the tools of the trade the last minute touches in set decoration are underway.

In no time at all a restaurant has become a book store.

And another storefront is transformed into a Droguerie shop, a sort of French hardware store.

Last minuet arranging is underway in a quaint new yarn shop.

Leaves are added to an old arbor to add charm & soften the look of the café, now called Café de la Place rather than Café de l'Halle.

New "old" chairs complete the picture at the once dusty little café.

The Chocolterie is stocked & ready to go.

It seems that St. Antonin is a film set waiting for its big moment to happen.


  1. Very interesting and fun to see that! This is the magic of cinema!

  2. This book is still waiting on my shelf. I'd better read it. The movie set shops look adorable. I'd love to wander through a book store, yarn shop and linger in a cafe. Want to play along with my Dreaming of France meme today since you're already writing about France? Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. So amazing and magical- you must be having such fun watching it all unfold :)

  4. Loving this; what a wonderful look at, as Menthe Blanche indicates, the magic of the movies!