Thursday, August 1, 2013

Paris in 3 Days


Because I made my reservations on such short notice I was not able to book a flight directly to Toulouse as I have been doing for the past few years. The only flight I could get was to Paris & then take the train down to the southwest. Well, Paris was ok by me & in order not to be too jet lagged before taking that long night train, I decided that I really needed to stay in Paris at least a few days. Wouldn't you agree?
I had hoped to post my Parisian adventures as they happened from my hotel but as fate would have it the wifi was not working. But here, a little late, is my first day in Paris.

Every trip to Paris must have at least one photo of the Tour Eiffel. I took mine through the window of a bus as I rode by.

I used to live in Paris about 15 years ago, so I chose a little hotel in my old neighborhood. I arrived on Wednesday, market day just as it was 15 years ago.

After strolling through my old neighborhood & the market, my first stop was Poilane's boulangerie!

I saw lots of Soldes ( sales ) & bought a T shirt for 3€.

Saw lots of iconic places.

Rode the Metro & lots of great buses.

Had lunch here.

It was hot but the woman at the table across from me had a fan.

I loved the old mirrors that gave the atmosphere extra old world charm.

Went to this park.

Enjoyed resting & people watching.

Wanted to peek in this door.

Looked up a lot.

Walked across the Seine.

Saw the face lift of Notre Dame.

Marveled at the of Paris roof lines

And the shadows that they cast. It was a perfect day in Paris.

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  1. Seeing your photos and reading about your trip were almost too much for me. I really long for Paris, for France. Counting the days, years, until I can travel there again. Loving all your adventures.