Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Walk Around the Village

An early morning stroll around the village is always a joyful & positive way to start the day.

I take a path past the château & it's lovely little footbridge, which crosses the road from the walls of the château to the large wooded garden on the other side.

Then on along the river where one finds the old mill just behind the towering walls of the château.

The neat rows of trees create a shady path beside the riverbank.

Just around another corner, I spotted this rose with its intense color & most unusual variegated petals.

Back in the square the sunlight shines on the old town clock. Once the hour was announced by the ringing of the bell at its peek. Sadly the mechanism no longer works but it was not all that long ago that the toll of the hour was a treasured part of village life.

My neighbor Claudette has already hung out her wash in the morning sun.

But not everyone has fully opened their shutters to embrace the day.

Almost back home again now, my neighbor, Aurora's pretty blue gate comes into view. The faintly visible decoration on the side of her wall was painted by the elderly previous owner's artist father. This being one of the many sweet details that reminds us of all of those that walked these same paths before us reveling in the same beautiful morning light.


  1. Always love your strolls around the village...

  2. Hello, Sally
    Long time no see.
    I had many plans in August with my family. Now I am glad to be back seeing your post.
    What a lovely stroll you had!The seventh photo is especially lovely!!
    Enjoy your day.