Thursday, August 29, 2013

Memories + a Proud Grandma

My daughter recently emailed me some photos of my youngest granddaughter. Gracie has started taking horse back riding & the photos were from one of her classes. Because I have been having fun this summer sharing past & present photos, I thought I would share a different sort of past & present. Below is a photo I took of my daughter when she was a little girl with her favorite horse, Goldie. She was probably 8 or 9 at the time & loved anything involving horses.

Now fast forward to the present & here is her daughter, Grace, in almost the identical pose. My daughter was struck by the similarities too & posted the two photos on her Facebook page. So many of her childhood friends were amazed at how much they look alike.

I am really happy for Gracie striking out on her own in this new found interest. She seems to be really enjoying it.

I know that my daughter is happy too, to be sharing her childhood passion with one of her children.

I guess I just could not help but post these photos & to let Gracie know just how very proud I am of her.


  1. Must be so wonderful to witness this part of your own history through your grandchildren- such a gift :)

  2. So lovely!!! It's the same for my daughter and me ;)