Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

Sunday was a beautiful day! A walk in the woods showed all the subtle signs of spring emerging.

But best of all, we were actually able to eat our dinner outside! Pretty amazing for mid March in New England.


  1. Sally, Like you, I'm so excited by the signs of spring, which are not subtle here in Ohio. The flowering trees burst into bloom this week and tornado sirens went off last evening. I wonder what the early warmth means to the plants this year. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Marvelous! These are so pretty. I heard it was beautiful there today too. We had a lovely weather week last week, but are back into the snow today. Ah well...

  3. the stream looks like cold spring. i like it.
    i like streams of water, natural, easy, moving.
    brave you out for dinner. looks delicious!

  4. hey spring,
    lovely one, come along!
    so very welcome!
    looks great...

  5. dinner outside ? ! pretty cool, but damn you climate change...

  6. Hi,Sally.
    How wonderful to see signs of spring coming! The air is still cold, but many flowers have come to life,started blooming.I am so excited too.
    Sally, thank you again for your deed concern about nuclear pollution in Fukushima Japan.I appreciate your hearty comment.I would like to see cherry blossoms in Washington!!

  7. Yummm.... the shish kabobs look enticing! It's the same weather here in northern lower Michigan and we are all wondering when the next snow is going to arrive... typically we wait to plant annuals until after Memorial Day due to possible frost.

  8. beautiful! some of your pictures look like paintings! Spring greetings from Paris!