Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guest Post

Hi my name is Emily.  I am Sally's granddaughter.  I am 12 years old, turning 13 in four months!

 Lately I have been taking photography classes at my school.  It is so much fun!

Even outside of school I have really gotten into taking many pictures.

Every wednesday I go over to my grandmothers house before gymnastics and the pictures of me were taken by her.  The glasses aren't really mine they are my grandmother's.

 All the other pictures are mine.  I have taken them with an amazing camera.  I tried as best I could to make them really artistic.

I love the tree picture.  I took this by laying under the tree and facing the camera up.

That is my Ipod.  I just thought that one looked cool sitting on the checkered table.

This photo is my absolute favorite!  Mustaches are so cool!  And the cactus was sitting in the most perfect light so I had to take a picture of it.

Thank you Nanny for letting me be your guest blogger.  I love showing people my art.


  1. Hi Emily!
    You are quite the blogger, not to mention the photographer! I loved your pictures and your style of writing. I hope you continue to be the guest blogger on your nanny's blog.
    You are as beautiful as the light shining through those cactus leaves.

  2. hello sally&emily,
    your tree photo is really nice. i love the unique eye in photography.
    i have been tring to get one of my nephew get into photography world and he really enjoys that too.
    well, if you are visiting nanny every wednesday, can i look forwad to your lovely photos again!?
    enjoy your day

  3. Hello Emily! You have the eye for seeing and capturing great compositions in photography. I work from photographs for my drawings and know talent when I see it. I really enjoyed your post and getting a glimpse of your work. :)

  4. Emily, Nice post and you obviously have your grandmother's eye for the artistic. Your vantage point on the tree was great. I can't wait til you visit France and take one like this of the Eiffel Tower.

  5. Hi Emily - You have a lot of talent. I especially like the warm slices of life we see in the cactus photo and the still life with the drink and books. I really like the artistry in the other three too. You look so pretty in your Nanny's glasses. Thank you for sharing your work! I look forward to another Wednesday guest post from you!

  6. Hi,Emily. You are a pretty girl and have a lot of talent!!Your tree picture is excellent! I love the way you focus on it! I look forward to seeing you again.

  7. nice to have your granddaughter blogging with you!
    happy to see she is so into photography, just like me... :)
    have a lovely saturday

  8. friday actually! hihihi
    but saturday too!

  9. I love this! The pictures are cool!

  10. Great job Emily ! My favorites are the tree and the moustache, which are both very artistic. Keep taking pictures !

  11. What a fine and talented young woman! I love the portraits and the tree. I hope that she does another post one day.

  12. Hello Emily YOU are so talented with the camera I love the tree photo it reminds me when I was your age me and my friends would lie down on the grass on a hot summer day to cool ourselves rest and think about what to do next for fun,and at the same time look at the trees above us.I also love all the other photos you keep up the good work . theodora

  13. Hey Emily!This is Susan (your cousin)And i wanted to say hi!By the way I love mustaches too!

  14. Hello Emily.......what an amazing young woman you are....your soul shines through in your pictures and your art. I look forward to seeing more of your photography. Namaste!