Monday, March 5, 2012

A Lovely Gift!

Today is a very special day!
I received a mysterious little package in the mail from Japan. 

It was from my blog friend coco

I loved everything about it. They way it was tied with string, decorated with sweet dried pansies, & notes written on tiny slips of pink Japanese paper. 

Coco had sent me two lovely crocheted coasters & seeds from her garden.

I was very touched by her note which read in part: 

"I have been enjoying your beautiful world in your blog. Thanks for sharing such nice scenes with us....."

This lovely little gift meant a lot to me, especially today, as it is in fact my blog birthday. I have been posting his blog for two years today!

And just as I was about to write about this occasion & this gift, I received another surprise. I had a comment from Paulita, from "An Accidental Blog" & she had nominated me for an award. How sweet of her!

Thank you so much coco & Paulita. This has been a very special & serendipitous way to celebrate my blog birthday!

Thanks, too, to all of you, for sharing your blogs & visiting mine. Your kind words & comments mean the world to me.


  1. That is indeed a beautiful gift and surprise, Sally. Yes, thank you for being here. And happy blog birthday! Here's to many more of those!

  2. Sally, Happy to nominate you since I read your blog, others should get to share the fun too. I love that a reader sent you a package. I rarely think of thoughtful gifts for others. I'll put that on my to-do list.

  3. Oh great ! So happy blog birthday :) I'm always happy to read your post. I wish a long life to your blog ;)

  4. What a lovely surprise gift from coco. Congratulations on your nomination by Paulita - I am enjoying reading her blog, too. I appreciate your thoughtful comments on my blog. And you are so right, our snowstorm is merely inconvenient.

  5. Hi,Sally.
    Happy birth day,Sally! What pretty and thoughtful gifts from coco. I always enjoy your artistic findings.

    Spring will be here soon.Enjoy your day!

  6. Thanks so much everybody! I appreciate & value all of your cyber-friendships!

  7. so cute... I love coco's blog

  8. sally,
    happy blog birthday to you. sorry, i am late.
    i am glad the package is in your hand now. enjoy this coming spring and summer ♡

  9. Thanks, coco! I keep one of your coaters on my desk next to my computer where I usually always have a cup of tea! Thank you again I really love them.