Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

This weekend I received an early Valentine. 

It was from my granddaughter Gracie, in anticipation of her dance recital.

Gracie was to be a Bluebird, in her ballet school's production of 
Snow White. 

On that night, no photos were allowed during the performance, which was fine with me, all the more time to relax & enjoy the show.

Backstage though, I was able to get a few shots of the little bluebirds, the youngest dancers in the troop, waiting in the wings with nerves  & excitement.

The cast & choreography were amazingly professional. Naturally the scene with the tiny dancing bluebirds was my favorite.

After the performance, each little bluebird had a chance to have her photo taken with the main cast members.

Here is our little Gracie with the lovely Snow White.

Finally, it was time to trade in her ballet slippers for her cowboy boots & head home, a job well done.

Happy Valentines Day 



  1. Adorable! It must have a great time for you to see your granddaughter dancing on a stage.

  2. Oh my goodness! All of them are so beautiful and adorable. Especially yours! Their costumes really are very, very pretty. Thank you for sharing these, Sally!

  3. She's so precious. I had my own little ballet dancer named Grace once, until she hung up her toe shoes for some winter boots to go to college in upstate New York

  4. how lovely!!
    So nice to see young people with great passion~

  5. these pictures are great! I'm happy i found your blog... have a great night! xx

  6. She looks absolutely radiant after her performance....what a treat (tweet!) for you! I LOVE the picture with the cowboy boots!!!

    I saw blue birds everywhere I went yesterday...even when I went into someones home there was a large framed picture of one as soon as I walked in the door. Bluebirds = Happiness.....

  7. Thank you everyone, I so appreciate your sweet comments!

    MB, Yes, it was so much fun to see her on stage even if it was ever so briefly.

    liza, thanks, she was very excited about her "pretty" costume.

    Paulita, How wonderful that your Grace was a dancer too!

    Missy Ann R, Welcome, so glad you stopped by!

    Thanks jody, glad you are also surrounding yourself with bluebirds of happiness!

  8. Hi,Sally.
    I seem to have missed this lovely post!
    Your grand daughter in that pretty blue dress is adorable. It must be fun and precious time for you !!

    Tomoko, with smile.