Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Outing

Sunday brunch with my family 

in honor of my turning sixty-five.

I can not think of a better way to celebrate

than being surrounded 

by the ones I love.

 Thanks everyone!!

Now on to the Super Bowl!

( ....just to be clear, I do not care about the Super Bowl... I will be taking a yoga class.... however, the rest of my family are very excited.)


  1. Hi, happy birthday!! I don't even know what Superbowl is, but then again, I live on another continent..

  2. I wish you the sweetest birthday !
    I hope you enjoyed your yoga class :)

  3. Happy birthday,Sally! I hope your happiness and good health. You have a beautiful family. I have one grand daughter.


  4. Sally, Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Your family is adorable.

  5. Joyeux anniversaire !
    You have a lovely family :) Take care.

  6. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you, Sally!! What a beautiful family all of you are!

  7. happy birthday!
    looks like a sunny, loving day...
    another aquarius! nice!

  8. Thank you all for your sweet comments & birthday wishes. They are greatly appreciated!

    Arctic Mom, Thank you so much & you are lucky not to know about the Super Bowl! Really!

    Emilie, Merci ,et oui, j'ai eu une très bonne class de yoga.

    Thank you Tomoko, grandchildren are wonderful aren't they!

    Thanks Paulita & Happy Birthday to you ... another February birthday!

    Menthe Blanche, Merci beaucoup !

    Thank you so much, liza!

    Thanks Sara, yes another aquarius! Hope you had a happy day too!

  9. hello sally. nice to find your comment on mine today and thank you.
    i got a impression that you are a lot youger because you do have a very young and healty sprit. i have been enjoying looking at your photos.

  10. Hey coco, thanks, that is sweet of you to say. I do TRY to stay young at heart the best of my ability.

  11. Happy Birthday Sally!! you look beautiful and happy surrounded by your loved ones,xx

  12. Joyeux anniversaire! You all look great and happy! I wish you lots of good things, nice surprises, beautiful family brunchs etc, etc… warm greetings from (wet but less cold) Paris! à bientôt!