Friday, February 17, 2012

Béatrice Casadesus

Last summer, I saw an exhibition of the work of French artist, 

It was shown at the musée de Cahors Henri-Martin, in the lovely southwestern town of Cahor.

The exhibit featured the beautiful, etherial paintings of  Casadesus, as well as, her soft sculptures, of layers of hand dyed fabric.

There was also a short film, which I have included below, of her at work in her studio. I always enjoy seeing how other artists work, so I was intrigued by the way she achieved her deeply layered paintings. Especially interesting is that she uses bubble wrap to create her mysteriously beautiful images.

Although, the film is in French & is a bit long, it does, never the less, offer an interesting insight into the act of creation.

I hope it may provide a little bit of inspiration for a productive & creative weekend.

Happy Friday all!


  1. Yes it is interesting how she has found that bubble wrap helps her achieve the result she wants ,I have seen artists use various materials from the hardware store ,or fabrics even plastic bags wadded up,but this is the first with bubble wrap,she has worked and thought it out very well,it is so interesting and the result is breathtaking it would be hard to do that without the bubble wrap,thank you for sharing I also like to learn about various artists and there mediums .

  2. wow that was really great! I had never heard of her before-her colors are amazing. thanks for sharing Sally!

  3. Gorgeous, muted colors. I love it.

  4. very cool.
    fun to create with what is on hand.
    pop pop pop

    you know, I always feed the little gold fish when I come to visit you. :)