Monday, March 21, 2011

A Lotus for Japan

Artist Linda Yuki Nakanishi has created a poster for the 

relief efforts in Japan.

She says :

This poster represents the resilience of the Japanese people. The lotus symbolises birth and rebirth, and the red lotus in particular represents love, compassion and passion (much of which is needed for the people of Japan).

The lotus is a flower that is born from the mud of the earth, fights its way through the depths of the water to bloom into the air and sunlight. This is how I view Japan, as a country that teaches their people to be strong and to endure. This is also what my parents taught me, even though we live an ocean away in Canada.

All profits from the sale of this poster will go to the Canadian Red Cross efforts for the victims affected by the recent tsunami and earthquakes.

It can be purchased here.

Found via paonote_room269.

Also, I was away from my computer last week & was unable to post this on the 18th, but it is, of course, never too late to make a donation.


  1. I like the first illustration. It's so simple, so beautiful, very effective.

  2. I love the top poster, and the sentiment behind it. Thanks, Sally.

  3. Ditto on the other comments. Thanks 4 the blog. Iordered a poster.