Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Amazing Photography of Vivian Maier

While scrolling aimlessly around the internet, I came upon the link to "Vivina Maier - Her Discovered Work"  & from that moment on, I was hooked. This website chronicles the fascinating story of an extraordinary body of work almost lost to history.

The photographs of Vivian Maier are stunning & the unfolding of her mysterious story absolutely fascinating.

A very private woman, Maier, lived & worked as a Nanny while pursuing her art as a street photographer in what must have been, every possible second of her spare time.

The enormous amount of work, that she had accumulated over the years, was discovered, by chance, by a young man, named John Maloof. It is Maloof, who now finds himself the custodian of this amazing artist's work & legacy.

There are a book & a documentary film in the works & the first American exhibition featuring her work can be seen at  The Chicago Cultural Center until the 3rd of April.

This fascinating story has already caused a sensation, but it was new to me. If you are like me, & knew nothing about Maier, then you owe it to yourself, to watch the clip above & by all means visit the website

I am sure that you will be just as captivated as I have been.

Thanks Arctic Mom for leading me to this.


  1. These images are incredible on so many levels,a wonderful find.......thank you!

  2. Very interesting photos! Thank you for introducing this information. I love to see them!

  3. Wow! An amazing story. It's wonderful that John Maloof is dedicating himself to her work.

  4. Wow is right! these are amazing photos! thank you so much for posting these :)

  5. I am so glad you all found these photos & the intriguing story as compelling as I did. It is pretty amazing how John Maloof, just fell into this mystery, which has proven to be life changing for him. He does seem to be taking on this task as a responsibility with sincere respect for Vivian Maier. I cannot help thinking what a loss it could have been if this amazing body of work had fallen into hands less able to recognize its beauty & importance.

  6. I agree, I think it's a compelling story about her, she must clearly have had a great (yet controlled) passion for photography. And an ability to look beyond people, what's inside them. I also think the way she document the social problems and poverty at the time.

  7. It really is such a fascinating & compelling story, & yes, she really did have the ability to capture the soul of her subjects as well as that of the time. Thank you so much, Arctic Mom for this amazing discovery!